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5 Free Agency Winners & Losers

Early Winners of Free Agency

1. New England Patriots

It’s fairly obvious who the top winner of free agency is right now and that’s the Patriots. They doubled down on multiple positions to create depth, increased talent at spots which were lacking, overall spending over $245M. They’ve put together a very good team with all the money they had to spend.

2. New York Giants

The Giants went from nothing to something on my list in the matter of a day. With the signings of Kyle Rudolph and Kenny Golladay, their offense has a new look. Rudolph is an older veteran that is reliable in the red zone for Daniel Jones. When healthy, Golladay will be the #1 receiver getting all of the defensive looks, which will free up Shepherd and Engram for more 1 on 1 matchups. I believe Barkley will come back to full health after his injury and should be good to go to start the season. I still have some questions in regards to their O-Line but right now they are winners based on the weapons they got for their franchise QB Danny Dimes.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

I think the Jaguars are winners solely because Urban Meyer is filling out HIS team with HIS players. That can go a long way for building a culture. Having guys that know him and believe in him to help teach and make it easier as a whole for the team to rebuild. Not to mention, they've most likely got Trevor Lawrence coming to town this off-season, so that'll help as well.

4. Cleveland Browns

The Browns bolstered their defense this off-season by bringing in John Johnson at safety & Troy Hill at corner. Those were two huge signings that could bring the Browns defense to the next level which they definitely needed.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Somehow the Bucs were able to get out of cap hell and re-sign just about every key player from their Super Bowl run. Brady took a pay cut, Godwin accepted the franchise tag, Lavonte David took a cheaper deal than he deserved, and Shaq Barrett got a big contract but he could have gotten more on the open market. They all wanted to come back for a championship and I think they're giving themselves a great chance to be the top team in the NFC once again & head back to the Super Bowl.

Early Losers of Free Agency

1. Tennessee Titans

The Titans spent big on 1 defensive free agent (Bud Dupree), but released basically their entire secondary. I don’t think it made much sense, especially with the releases of Vaccaro, and Adoree Jackson. They also let Corey Davis & Jonnu Smith walk without bringing in replacements for them offensively. I'm not sure what their game plan is here but right now they're definitely the #1 losers.

2. New York Jets

The Jets made this list not because they had a terrible free agency but because they had $80M in cap space and decided to play it safe. I am fine with it as a Jets fan but looking at it from an outside point of view, it didn’t make much sense. They have a lot of holes on the roster and look like they aren’t spending big; so for now they’ll stay losers.

3. Chicago Bears

The bears made a serious push for Russell Wilson and obviously if they got him, we wouldn’t be talking about the Bears as my third loser of NFL Free Agency. However, they didn’t and here they are ready to run out Andy Dalton on a $10M deal. The Bears have wasted their star-studded defense because they couldn’t figure out their offense. Isn’t that what Matt Nagy was brought there for? Choosing Trubisky over Watson or Mahomes, not developing Trubisky, and then ruining him even more by bringing in Foles for no reason. It’s just a mess in Chicago and the Bears need to figure it out with possibly a new head coach for starters.

4. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are still in cap hell and couldn’t make many moves, not even able to retain some of their own players (Trey Hendrickson, Justin Hardee, Janoris Jenkins & more). They did restructure Taysom Hill’s contract and re-signed Jameis Winston. This was pretty important after losing Drew Brees to retirement, but they needed more. That’s their key free agent moves so far and that’s why they’re sitting in the losers column.

5. Green Bay Packers

The Packers had a chance to bring in a true #2 WR for Rodgers and some offensive linemen to help protect their star QB. They could have also just retained their own elite offensive lineman in Corey Linsley. Instead, they opted to re-sign their running back Aaron Jones to a big deal and haven’t done anything since. Packers are failing Rodgers again. Losers.

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