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A 12 Team College Football Playoff: A Necessary Risk To Take

Same Teams Every Time

Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Oklahoma: does that ring a bell? Well it should since almost every single one of the seven College Football playoffs has had some kind of variation of those four teams. Besides the inaugural year of the Playoff, these teams, with the limited exception, have ruled the College Football landscape and have ended up being the last four teams standing. As a result major interest has been lost from this sport that I, along with many others, hold dear to their heart as they grew up watching it every Saturday in the Fall and Winter. The presumed solution to this dilemma that College Football faces currently would be to expand the playoff, and that is exactly what the committee will propose and rumored to accept. A 12 team Playoff is on the table and is absolutely necessary for the sport to implement, but it comes with a price that fans and the sport itself will have to pay.

History Of CFB

Before the playoffs even started there was the BCS, a system that made the top two teams in the country square off to decide who gets to the peak of the College Football mountain for that year, while still holding the traditional values of the bowl games and their significance near and dear. When the sport introduced the Playoff in 2014 it somewhat diminished the significance of some of these big time bowl games. Bowls such as the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl that were ultimately included as one of the playoff games were only regarded as so, one of the playoff games. No traditions of the Bowl games, that have been being played for decades, are cared about anymore, so if you put four out of the six major bowl games as Playoff games under a 12 team format, there will be little to no regard of the history and tradition of these bowls and all that will be cared about is the Playoff system. With this being said a 12 team format is imperative to implement in College Football and will create much more parody in the sport. Scott Van Pelt of ESPN worded it beautifully, “Other teams are going to earn a seat at the table,” and that's exactly what a 12 team playoff will do. Just last season we saw a team such as Coastal Carolina go undefeated in the regular season and have a fantastic 11-0 record, only to not even sniff a chance at competing for a title, and a team such as Clemson got in easily with one loss. In college basketball we see a lot of parody and upsets come tournament time for a reason, those small schools get a chance to tussle with the big boys, and they dont always win, but once and awhile they do and that is only because they got a chance to do so. Who knows what Coastal Carolina could have done and who they could have beaten, but we'll never know because once again, they never got a chance.

The Answer

A 12 team format would surely create parody amongst the College Football world, but it might be too much. In my honest opinion an 8 team playoff would surely fit the sport better, as we could see something that is done just like in the NBA and NFL. If teams in these professional leagues know for a fact that they have a playoff spot locked up they'll rest their players and get ready for that playoff game with fully rested guys. What is stopping a team such as Alabama from coming into the last week undefeated or

even with one loss from resting their guys for the playoff game ahead. Who cares if they drop a seed or two, they still have a fully rested team and are ready to kick the behind of any team that comes in between them and a championship trophy come Playoff time. This is exactly why an 8 team playoff would make a small-scale difference due to giving more teams a spot at the table, while eliminating a chance for teams to rest players at the end of the season in fear of them losing a game and getting tossed from the Playoff completely. While a 12 team College Football Playoff has its major drawbacks and will surely be exploited by teams, but this sport is in dire need for change and i'm positive fans will pay any sum of money to not see the same four teams get the same four spots every year, just to see Alabama vs Clemson in the title game. For me personally I can't go back to that, and anyone that disagrees with this proposal is agreeing with the slow wilting death of College Football, so while 12 teams in a Playoff is extremely risky, is it an absolute necessary risk to take.

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