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Celebrity Boxing: Ben Askren vs Jake Paul Betting Guide

Unless you live under a rock or are from an entirely different planet, you know that Jake Paul and Ben Askren are fighting tonight. Why do you know this? Well, the amount of promotion, hype, and intrigue has never been higher for a celebrity boxing match. Not even for Jake Paul’s last fight against Nate Robinson.


Listen to our UFC Show for a debate on this fight which includes a more in-depth look at it.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Debate: Who Wins?


Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

The major difference was that Nate Robinson was a joke in the boxing ring & Ben Askren is a combat athlete. There’s an air of legitimacy to this event. Additionally, Jake Paul is one of the most hated Internet personalities ever & always acts like an 80’s teen movie villain. He’s got an extremely punchable face and I’m sure most people are jealous that Ben Askren gets to be the one to do it.

Ben comes off a stereotypical good guy going up against a bully especially in contrast with his opponent. However, he’s been known to stink at striking, is only a few months out of hip surgery, and was retired until the fight was announced. To make matters slightly worse for people rooting against Paul, Ben looked very chubby for a pro athlete at weigh-ins yesterday. He’s also been obliterated with a lucky knee to the chin by Jorge Masvidal for the fastest KO in UFC history.

Tail or Fade Me, The Choice is Yours

It’s hard to want to bet on Ben, but I’ll tell you why I am. Firstly, if you’ve followed me here, you know I love the underdog. Ben Askren currently sits at +140, while Jake Paul is -165. That line isn’t crazy, which means Vegas thinks Ben can come out with a W. The biggest reasons I think Ben wins this fight are the intangibles.

Yes, Jake Paul is taller and thinner and looks better on air. Yes, Ben had a fragile chin and took some viral losses in the UFC. Jake Paul is no UFC fighter though. His opponents have been terrible. Nate Robinson looked like a breeze would’ve knocked him over in their bout. Other than that, he’s fought some YouTube bums who were also physically and mentally weak. Jake finally has a real fighter opposite him, with an entirely different mental state than anyone he’s ever fought.


Ben Askren will not go down from a sloppy haymaker, don’t let the knee to the chin fool you. If he does fall, he will get back up. Ben understands strategy, managing stamina, and showing your opponents your moves. He’s going to let Jake tire out in the first round, but after that, Ben Askren will take over, relying heavily on clinches and close range fighting. His mindset, mentality, drive, and experience will take him to the end of the fight.

He doesn’t have KO power, so I don’t see him sleeping Jake, even though it would be amazing to watch. I think this becomes a long mental battle more than anything, and Jake Paul will be exposed as a weak baby. Could Jake Paul shock us? Absolutely. However, he hasn’t shown us enough in previous fights to make me believe he can last 8 rounds with an actual professional fighter. Ben Askren +140, call your mother tell her take him too.

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