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  • Adam Gallagher

Head Held High

Many of you will remember this clip, but probably forgot or never knew who the player is. Moses Brown was feeling down & his teammate, Jaylen Hands, was there to give him some support. Making sure he kept his head up that day.. & that he did.

UCLA was down by 2 to Oregon with 2 minutes left in the game. Moses Brown committed a bad turnover in an obviously important moment of the game. It was a bad pass that went out of bounds, giving the Ducks the ball back. As seen in the viral clip, Brown was feeling down about his crucial mistake.. rightfully so. Jaylen wasn’t having it. The rest is history. The Bruins ended up beating Oregon 87-84 that night.

Moses Brown went viral for that clip a little over 2 years ago; last night, he went viral again. This time, he’d go viral for his accomplishments.

Brown, now a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, had a career night last night. His final stat line:

  • 21 Points

  • 23 Rebounds

  • 8/10 Shooting (80%)

He started out HOT. After the 1st half he had 17 points on a perfect 6/6 shooting from the field to go along with 19 rebounds. He became the first player to post 17 points & 19 rebounds in the 1st half of an NBA game since Shaq did it in 1998.

The old viral clip from UCLA went viral again on social media, reminding everybody that keeping your head up can work wonders for you in life in general. Keep your head up, work hard, fight through adversity. That’s the name of the game called life. We can all learn from Moses Brown & Jaylen Hands.

Today, Brown's alma mater UCLA advanced to the Elite 8. Check out our Sweet 16 recap & Elite 8 preview by clicking here.

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