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  • Conor Peterson

Jim Boeheim did WHAT?!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The crypts of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs have been dug up revealing intricate gold idols and other objects left behind by grave robbers over the centuries. The Gold Rush sent people to what we now know as California turning dreamers into rich people. Gold turned from the flashy obsession of man to the physical backing of the US dollar.

Gold has even turned into the fascination of the sports world where future Hall Of Fame head coach, Jim Boeheim, of Syracuse was caught digging for gold during last night's game and tasting the substance to check for its purity. Boeheim was clearly uninterested in the game as his team cruised to a 9 point road win over NC State in their hunt for yet another tournament appearance. No it wasn't coaching his son, admiring the now seniors he’s coached for 4 years, or the star sophomore who's now the leading scorer in NY State high school basketball history, or maybe the chance to sit atop the ACC. It was gold occupying his mind. A tale as old as time. Mankind will never stop it’s obsession with gold.

Jim Boeheim... STOP THAT!

PS: On a more serious note, check out my Way-Too-Early Final Four blog.

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