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Knicks Win 8th Straight, Longest Win Streak In 7 Years

Knicks Win 8th Straight Game, Longest Active Streak in NBA

The Knicks Have Entered The Conversation

The New York Knicks are one of the most surprising stories of this NBA season. They currently sit at the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. Julius Randle is taking the league by storm & leading this team to a most-likely playoff birth. Let me put this into perspective for everyone reading.. IF the season ended today, the Knicks would be hosting a 1st round playoff series. It would be the first time they host a 1st round playoff series since 2012-2013, & only their 2nd time since 2000. Needless to say, the Knicks are hoopin right now & have the league on notice.

Wednesday night, the Knicks matched up with the Atlanta Hawks. Knicks came in riding a 7 game win streak, but the Hawks were hot as well winning 9 of their last 11 games. The Hawks sat at 4th in the East, a half game ahead of the Knicks.

8th Straight Win, Longest Win Streak in 7 Years

It was a great game, going to overtime where the Knicks pulled away & won 137-127. They jumped the Hawks for that 4th spot in the Eastern Conference with the win. Julius Randle did his thing again. He dropped 40 points, snagged 11 rebounds, dished 6 assists & shot 6/8 from 3. An MVP performance from an unlikely MVP candidate. Julius Randle is averaging 23 points, 10.5 rebounds & 6 assists on 46% from the field. He leads the Knicks in points, rebounds & assists & is tied for 2nd in steals. He has the Knicks playing their best basketball in recent memory.


The win against the Hawks was the Knicks 8th straight win. Their longest winning streak in 7 years. 5 of the 8 wins have come against playoff teams (if the season ended today); Grizzlies, Lakers, Mavs, Hornets & Hawks. The Knicks currently hold the longest active winning streak in the NBA. Their offense is efficient, but their defense is one of the best in the league. Some would call this the Tom Thibodeau effect.

Who's Next?

The Knicks match up with the Raptors next, who they've also beat once during this winning streak. They also beat the Pelicans twice to round out the 8 wins. After their next game against the Raptors, they'll play the Suns, another surprise sitting at the #2 slot in the Western Conference & the 2nd best record in the entire NBA.

Rose Rises Again


Derrick Rose has been huge during this streak. He's averaging 14 points on about 43% shooting from the field & 4 assists per game on the season. Over the past 3 games, he's had these statlines:

  • 23 points on 53% with 5 assists & +22 while on the floor against the Pelicans

  • 17 points on 67% with 5 assists & +2 while on the floor against the Hornets

  • 20 points on 67% with 3 assists & +14 while on the floor against the Hawks

He's doing this off the bench, providing a perfect spark for the 2nd rotation. In the overtime win against the Hawks, off the bench guards Derrick Rose & Immanuel Quickley combined for 40 points on 15/23 from the floor, or 65%.

Are The Knicks Contenders?

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. I'm sure the Knicks will be a part of the conversation going forward. The Bucks are still sitting comfortably at #3, but if the Knicks keep this up they have a shot at taking that spot in the playoffs. Do they have a shot at contending in the playoffs? They can definitely get to the 2nd round. After that, they'll most likely run into the Sixers or Nets & probably be outmatched in that series.

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