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MLB Weekly Power Rankings, May 10

We have quite the change in the Power Rankings from last week.

A couple of bad teams getting hot, a few good teams playing poorly. A couple HUGE shakeups, and a division where all 5 teams are just within 3.5 games of each other. Check out this week's edition of the MLB power rankings to see where your team stands.


Team, W-L, +/- (From last week), (L10)

  1. Red Sox, 22-13, +6, (6-4) - As of right now, the Sox are on a 4 game win streak and have only lost one game since last week's power rankings. The Red Sox are the team to beat right now. JD Martinez is looking good for the triple crown early on, and the team as a whole has not missed a beat.

  2. St. Louis. Cardinals, 21-14, +3, (8-2) - MLB best 8-2 over the past 10, the Cardinals have taken sole possession of the NL central. 13-4 over their past 17, the Cardinals are firing on all cylinders. Jack Flaherty has the most wins in the MLB (6), and they got future HOF'er Yadier Molina back this past week. Adam Wainwright looks like vintage Waino. If the Cards can keep this up, they will win the NL central

  3. San Francisco Giants, 20-14, -1, (5-5) - Is it 2012? No, it is not. Buster Posey will make you think twice though. Having potentially the best season of his career, the Giants reliable catcher is leading the charge. Since 2015, his season high HR is 19. Not even through May, and Buster already has 8. They have two of the (current) top 20 ERA pitchers in Gausman and DeSclafani, and a reliable closer in Jake McGee. With 10 of their 14 losses coming on the road, if they can continue to roll at home, they should have no problem locking up a wild card at this rate.

  4. Oakland Athletics, 21-15, -1, (5-5) - A couple other teams have joined the “Winning Record with negative run differential” club, so that title no longer belongs to the A’s. However, they still have the lowest run differential among winning teams with -10. They have only won 1 of their past 4 series, against the Orioles, Rays (twice), and the Blue Jays. Lou Trevino continues to impress, but if the A’s want to stay atop the division, they are going to need to be a lot more consistent out of batters and pitchers alike.

  5. Chicago White Sox, 19-13, +4, (7-3) - A couple huge injuries, (Eloy Jiminez, Luis Robert) have tried to derail the White Sox season, but they are 13-5 over their last 18 and have held it together. Even with Tony La Russa admitting that he didn't know the new rules of extra innings, and mis-managing several games, the Chi Sox are still in 1st place of the AL central, with minimal competition.

  6. San Diego Padres, 19-16, = , (6-4) - A huge Sunday night win for the Padres prevented the San Francisco Giants from completing the sweep. Musgrove has fallen off since his No-Hitter, losing 4 out of his last 5 starts and allowing 13 runs over 24 innings in that span. The Padres have been very 50-50 against winning teams this season, so if they want to go deep into the playoffs we are going to need to see them beat up on good teams in some of these up and coming matchups

  7. New York Yankees, 18-16, +7, (7-3) - Since losing 5 straight in mid-April, the Yankees are 13-6. Getting incredible starts out of Cole and Kluber during that stretch, the Yankees still have serious concern with the rest of the rotation. They haven't lost a series since getting swept by the Rays almost a month ago, and this is a bit more of what everyone had predicted the Yankees would look like coming into the season.

  8. Houston Astros, 18-16, +5, (5-5) - The Astros have only lost one of their past 5 series, which came in the form of a bittersweet reunion with fans at Yankee Stadium. Other then that, 9 out of their past 10 wins have been by at least 2 runs, and they look like the Astros of old.

  9. Los Angeles Dodgers, 18-17, -5, (2-8) - Injuries and cold streaks have made the reigning champs look almost broken. After losing Dustin May, the Dodgers have been lost. Losing 5 out of their last 6 series, and getting swept by the Cubs in that time, the Dodgers may be the coldest team in the MLB as it stands.

  10. New York Mets, 16-13, +12, (7-3) - Are the Mets finally starting to click? Good news Mets fans, it looks like it! The team is on their best streak of the season, and have won 5 straight. Francisco Lindor hit his first HR at citi field finally, and after what could have very possibly been a scuffle in the hallway with teammate Jeff McNeil, they played it off and laughed about the “Rat or raccoon that they had seen in the tunnel”. This immediately shows me that this team is committed to each other, and anything you hear otherwise is all smoke.

  11. Cleveland Indians, 18-14, +9, (7-3) - 10-3 in their past 13, and only losing one game since last Saturday, the Indians find themselves only 1 game back from the CWS in the AL Central. Getting very good production out of not only Bieber, but Civale and Plesac has helped this team tremendously.

  12. Chicago Cubs, 17-17, +16, (7-3) - Our highest risers of the past week, the Cubbies are finally gaining traction. 6-3 in their past 9 and now in 3rd place in the NL Central, the Cubs still have a ways to go but they have some momentum to build on now.

  13. Milwaukee Brewers, 19-16, -12, (4-6) - Last weeks #1 drops quite a bit. The Brewers lost 6 straight, including a 4 game sweep by the Phillies. They are 2 games out of first place in the NL central and now have a -6 run differential.

  14. Tampa Bay Rays, 19-17, +6, (6-4) - After a 4 game sweep of the Angels, the Rays lost their most recent series to the A’s two games to one. They have the Yankees coming up, and they have a tendency to play extremely well. The Yankees have recently gotten hot themselves, so we should be in for a great matchup.

  15. Philadelphia Phillies, 18-17, +2, (6-4) - 2nd Place in the NL East, the Phillies swept the Brewers in a 4 game series this past week, but only outscored them 17-12. The Phillies bats need to get hot, and stay hot if they want to compete in the mess that is the NL East. They have only scored more than 10 runs in one game so far, coming this past weekend against the Atlanta Braves.

  16. Toronto Blue Jays, 17-16, -5, (5-5) - The Blue Jays have sure enjoyed the hot bats they've had recently. Vlad Jr went off for 3 HR in one game, and Bo Bichette still has one more than him on the season. They would enjoy the bats more if they could get their prized free agent signing, George Springer to stay healthy, who finds himself back on the IL (10-Day). The team also announced that C Alejandro Kirk will be going on the 60 day IL.

  17. Seattle Mariners, 18-17, -7, (5-5) - The Mariners had arguably the toughest schedule of the first month facing the Giants, Astros (twice), CWS, Twins, Red Sox, and the O’s and still owned one of baseball's best records. May has been tougher on them, losing series to the Orioles and Rangers, and getting No-Hit by the Orioles John Means.

  18. Atlanta Braves, 17-17, +6, (5-5) - The Braves started the week by sweeping the Nationals, and finished it with winning a 3 game series against the Phillies. Exactly what you need to do against divisional opponents, early in the season. They are only 1.5 games back from the division leading Mets, and could easily take that spot when they face them a week from now.

  19. Cincinnati Reds, 15-16, -3, (6-4) - When they started the season as hot as they did, everybody and their mother knew that the bats would calm down, and the Reds would regress. That time has officially come. They have only scored more than 5 runs once in their last 6 games, their longest streak of the season.

  20. Texas Rangers, 18-18, +5, (7-3) - Perhaps the most surprising of the past week, the Rangers have put together a nice little streak winning 7 of their last 9. They only have a -4 run differential, and could actually turn out to be a better team then anybody had thought.

  21. Baltimore Orioles, 15-19, =, (5-5) - Homering in 11 straight games, and their first No-Hitter since 1969, the Orioles find themselves playing the best ball they have in arguably 20 some odd years. They are still in the bottom of the AL East, but they have prospects ready to be called up, and some young talent on this growing team.

  22. Miami Marlins, 15-18, +4, (5-5) - Jazz Chisolm remains on the IL, and the Marlins have remained consistent without him. The Marlins got bit by the injury bug early on but have only been swept once in their last 10 series. The Marlins may be a long shot for the playoffs, but they're still a rising, young team.

  23. Washington Nationals, 13-17, -8, (5-5) - Max Scherzer has begun to look like his old self, and trade rumors have begun to swirl. Chances are they're not going to keep all 3 All-Star pitchers through the trade deadline, and with Strasburg coming back soon, we may potentially see Scherzer get dealt while prices are high. The Nationals are in last place in the NL East, but they're only 3.5 games back.

  24. Los Angeles Angels, 15-18, -5, (3-7) - They released future HOF’er Albert Pujols earlier this week stating that they felt bad leaving Albert on the bench, and they feel good with young 1B Jared Walsh so they saw no room for him on the roster anymore. The Angels are in complete disarray from their pitching to their hitting, and can't seem to string together more than two wins at a time. If they want to pick themselves up from the bottom of the AL West, they are going to have to go on a little streak soon.

  25. Kansas City Royals, 16-17, -17, (1-9) - This week's biggest losers are the Kansas City Royals. They have only won once in their past 10 games, and have lost 9 straight getting outscored 58-21 over that span. They have an incredible opportunity to bounce back with a trip to Detroit to visit the Tigers coming up.

  26. Minnesota Twins, 12-20, +1, (5-5) - The Twins got swept by the Rangers, gave the Royals their only win of the past 10, and split a series with the Tigers. If that doesn't put you amongst the worst teams in the league, I don't know what does. The Twins have major questions and concerns all around the clubhouse, but do have a few bright spots (Alex Kiriloff in particular).

  27. Arizona Diamondbacks, 15-19, -15, (3-7) - Starting at this point in the Power Rankings, you can expect these 4 to be interchangeable for the rest of the season. The Diamondbacks, Pirates, Rockies, and Tigers have all taken throne as the worst teams in the league. Being without Ketel Marte for most of the season has not helped, and there is still no timetable for his return.

  28. Pittsburgh Pirates, 14-19, -5, (2-8) - The Pirates in my opinion are the most exciting of these bottom 4 teams. They are in position to draft Jack Leiter, and already have one of the top prospects in the game in Ke’Bryan Hayes. Hayes name hasn't been called since the second game of the season, and was just moved to the 60-day IL along with teammate Colin Moran

  29. Colorado Rockies, 12-22, =, (3-7) - Perhaps one of my favorite stats of the season, the Rockies paid Nolan Arenado over $257,000 to play AGAINST them when they visited St. Louis. They ended up getting swept by the Cardinals, and haven't won a series since a 2 game sweep of the Astros April 21st.

  30. Detroit Tigers, 10-24, =, (2-8) - It feels good to get to the point in a season where stats and numbers start to look normal. Trout leads the league in OPS, DeGrom leads the league in ERA, and the Tigers are in last place. The most desperate of teams, the Tigers managed to lower their run differential from -62 to -68.

As always, thanks for reading this weeks edition of the MLB Power Rankings! Make sure to check out our most recent episode of Deep To Right, where we discuss the hottest topics in baseball including the release of Albert Pujols.

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