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NFC East: Off-Season Outlook

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Here's our NFC East Off-Season Outlook. Check out our AFC East version by clicking that link. We'll be highlighting every division up until the NFL Draft.

If you prefer to watch us discuss this instead of reading it, click here.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles traded their once franchise QB Carson Wentz for an Arizona Iced Tea & a bag of chips a couple weeks ago. They took on a ton of dead money in this trade due to the fact that they just paid Wentz an insane amount of money right before he stopped playing good football. They are paving the way for Jalen Hurts; so it seems. Keep in mind, they have said their goal is to be the QB Factory, so Jalen shouldn't feel safe just yet. In factories, when the product is done it gets shipped out! They have no idea what direction they want to go in so we can't even predict what they'll do. They've got a new head coach in Philly now, Nick Sirianni. They have pretty much no weapons to begin with & released Desean Jackson & Alshon Jeffrey a couple weeks ago. They need some help at defensive back & a bunch of other holes. Despite everything I just said; yes, the Eagles do have a chance to win the NFC East next season & get the automatic playoff bid.

New York Giants

The Giants are in an interesting situation. It seems like they are two or three perfect puzzle pieces away from being a force in this division, although that isn't saying much. Their defense was very impressive last season, & they can go get a pass rusher in free agency or the draft to really solidify them as a solid defensive team. They could use better pass catchers & definitely need to make improvements on their offensive line. It seems they trust their guy Danny Dimes. We're not sold just yet. Can he be a solid game manager? Sure. But is Daniel Jones leading you to a Super Bowl? No shot, as of right now. The Giants are looking for Jones to make a huge stride in the right direction this off-season.

Dallas Cowboys

It's looking like the Cowboys are going to franchise tag Dak Prescott, again. Don't ask me to explain because I don't understand it either. They have hit on all of their weapons selections, and have an average offensive line that can be improved this off-season. Why not go all in on Dak? Maybe Jerry is terrified of the same thing happening to him as what just happened in Philly with the Eagles & Wentz. Regardless, Dak needs to be their guy & they are losing money by not locking him up long term now as opposed to after another franchise tagged season. Their defense needs.. well.. a defense. Dallas can & needs to improve at defensive back, linebacker, & pass rusher. If they can make a solid defense out of this off-season, Dak & Zeke could definitely lead them to a NFC East Championship & playoff birth.

Washington Football Team

This team has what they need to make the playoffs again & repeat as NFC East Champions. They need to figure out what they want to do at QB, & our very own Hunter Black wrote an amazing blog detailing their QB situation & hopeful diamond in the rough. You can read his blog by clicking here. The possible diamond in the rough? Taylor Heinicke. He showed out against the Super Bowl winning Bucs defense in their Wild Card matchup. Basically, as long as he plays well or whoever they bring in at QB plays well, the Football Team will repeat as division champs.

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