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NFL Draft: Each Team's Needs

Atlanta Falcons - S, EDGE, MLB, OT

The Falcons are an older team in need of getting younger fast. Look for them to build out their defense more as they already have solid veterans leading the offense. Edge, safety, and depth at MLB are highlighted here after losing 3 safeties to free agency, having no real edge rush presence opposite of Dante Fowler, and only one reliable starting MLB in Deion Jones.

Arizona Cardinals - CB, RB, IOL

The Cardinals let their All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson leave in free agency. Look for them to take his replacement high in the draft. Maybe Jaycee Horn or Caleb Farley. They also lost Kenyan Drake to free agency so look for them to fill the void there as well as O-Line help to protect their franchise QB Kyler Murray.

Baltimore Ravens - WR, Edge, OT

The Ravens need to add a big bodied receiver on the outside to help complement their offense. I believe that should be priority number one when the draft comes around. After that, they need some depth on the edge of their defense and offensive tackle as well for after they trade Orlando Brown Jr.

Buffalo Bills - CB, WR, Edge

The Bills are a solid team all around. There’s not too much you can really critique but there’s always room for depth, so look for them to add to the receiver room after cutting John Brown this off-season and then round out the defense with some players that can contribute in minimal roles this year.

Carolina Panthers - QB, OT, CB, TE

The Panthers need a lot of help. Teddy B isn’t their answer and they aren’t set on moving forward with him as you can see from all of the trade rumors. Look for them to prioritize getting a QB at 8th overall and building for the future.

Chicago Bears - QB, OT, CB, IOL

The Bears are just a bad offensive team. Matt Nagy has not helped much in that department and their first step in the draft is to go back to the drawing board and find a QB. Hopefully they don’t choose the wrong one again.

Cincinnati Bengals - OT, IOL, CB, WR

The Bengals, for me, need to make sure Joe Burrow is upright and healthy. So, the main focus heading into the draft would be adding pieces to the offensive line in every way. If Sewell falls to you at 5 you grab him. After that, they need cornerback help and another weapon for Burrow.

Cleveland Browns - OLB, IOL, MLB

The Browns are pointing up after a great off-season, adding key pieces to their defense in S John Johnson and CB Troy Hill. But, they still need to add some linebackers in the draft both for the outside and in the middle. After that, they should build out depth for the O-Line and wide receivers.

Dallas Cowboys - CB, IOL, Edge

Dallas needs defensive help. They have plenty of talent on offense so the main focus here would be CB & Edge rusher. If they can secure that then look for them to build depth for the O-Line in the later rounds.

Denver Broncos - QB, LB, TE

I don’t have too much faith in Drew Lock & I don’t believe the Broncos do either. If they have a chance at Trey Lance or Mac Jones at pick 9, do they pull the trigger? I would. After adding key pieces to their cornerback position in Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby, they’re not going to draft a top CB anymore and I think that was their plan before those signings. Fill out the rest of the roster and add a QB in the draft. The weapons are there.

Detroit Lions - WR, CB, OT

The Lions traded their old QB for a worse QB. They may just let Jared Goff play out this year and see what they have. But, for that, you need to add some pieces around him. Look for them to add help to the offense and then build the defense on the back end of the draft.

Green Bay Packers - OT, WR, CB

The Packers have yet to add another weapon alongside Adams for Aaron Rodgers, while also losing their star center (Corey Linsley). They need some help retooling their O-Line in the first round and hopefully another weapon in the second.

Houston Texans - QB, IOL, CB, WR, TE

I’m going to assume they don’t have Watson, whether that’s because of a trade or legal allegations, but for now the Texans have been rounding out their team during free agency. They still need to figure out the QB position as well as some help to protect said QB and weapons to help the QB. Overall, they need a lot and without any first round picks (right now) they’ll be struggling to find an answer.

Indianapolis Colts - OT, CB, WR

The Colts offensive tackles are good but not great and with a deep draft for tackles, they could get some good ones in one of the first two rounds. After that, keep building on their defense with extra cornerback help. They did bring back Xavier Rhodes but he is up there in age.

Jacksonville Jaguars - QB, OT, WR

QB is the obvious pick here at number one with Trevor Lawrence, but you still need to help him. Adding offensive line help and wide receiver help is crucial here. It’ll be hard to ruin an almost perfect QB prospect in Lawrence, but in the NFL anything is possible.

Kansas City Chiefs - OT, LB, IOL

The Chiefs are a very good team as we’ve seen by their back-to-back super bowl appearances, winning one. They look to be back again this year but they need to keep Patrick Mahomes up right to do that. They added the top guard in Free agency in Joe Thuney, but now they need to build on that and add some tackles in the draft. Filling out the offensive line and then shifting focus to the defense will be key, specifically by adding linebackers and cornerbacks.

Las Vegas Raiders - OT, IOL, S, IDL

The raiders dismantled their offensive line this off-season. They need to add talent at all of those positions so look for that to be their main focus. If they have any picks after that, they will need to help out their defense next. Finding some safeties and interior defensive lineman would be first on my list following up with some middle linebackers next.

Los Angeles Chargers - OT, CB, S, Edge

The Chargers need to fill a cornerback spot after releasing their former starter, Casey Hayward. That, along with some help at left tackle. As long as they keep Justin Herbert upright, he has the weapons he needs. Supporting the O-Line and defense is a must in this draft.

Los Angeles Rams - OT, IOL, TE

The Rams need some O-Line help as well, as their key linemen are getting older. Look for them to add heavy to that and the TE position come draft time.

Miami Dolphins - RB, Edge, IOL

The Dolphins traded down and then traded back up and now sit at number 6 in the draft & although it isn’t a top 3 need, going with wide receiver Devonta Smith isn’t a bad idea at all. But, if they choose to go in a different direction look for them to add to the O-Line, running backs group, and an edge rusher. Which they can do with all three picks they have in the first round this year. They could make a huge leap this year hitting on these 3 picks alone.

Minnesota Vikings - IOL, S, Edge

The Vikings have been struggling to find reliable interior O-Line help for a few years now. Look for them to once again dip into that position in the first round of the draft. After that, they could use help replacing safety Anthony Harris who left in free agency as well as some depth to help the older Harrison Smith.

New England Patriots - QB, IOL, S

The Patriots still need to find an answer for after Cam Newton. He may play well this year and be worth the $14 million he could potentially make, but he isn’t the long-term solution and should be looking at Mac Jones if he falls to them. That'd be a huge steal. Possibly even a trade up to get a guy like Trey Lance. After all the QB speculation, look for them to replace Joe Thuney, who left in free agency. Safety depth would be key as well and then fill out some more offensive weapons. (yes, more weapons)

New Orleans Saints - CB, WR, Edge

The Saints need an improved pass rush on the outside after Hendrickson left. But they could also look to give some help to the secondary first. Maybe somebody opposite of Lattimore? Or someone to replace Lattimore as he deals with legal issues. They could also benefit from another weapon on the outside for Jameis Winston and Taysom hill to work with.

New York Giants - EDGE, OL, WR

The Giants did great this offseason bringing in WR Golladay, TE Rudolph, and CB Adoree Jackson in free agency. But they still need to find a true edge presence as well as some more O-Line help. Adding depth at Wide Receiver could be beneficial too, considering Golladay and Shepherd have dealt with injuries in the past.

New York Jets - QB, IOL, CB

The Jets need to figure out whether they want to keep Darnold or draft a QB. My opinion is to start fresh and draft a QB and with rumors swirling it sounds like they might be looking to take Zach Wilson. If they do so, they’ll still need to add to the offensive line to protect him. After that, they are in desperate need of cornerback help. Look for them to add the flashy weapons like RB and WR later in the draft, being those positions run deep this year.

Philadelphia Eagles - WR, S, CB

Rumors are swirling but I believe in Hurts and think the Eagles give him a real chance this year to be the guy. But with that being said, “the guy” needs some help. On offense and defense beginning with WR, TE, OL and ending with CB, Safety, and LB. The Eagles are a mess in a not-so-weak division anymore.

Pittsburgh Steelers - QB, C, OLB, CB

The Steelers, in my opinion, need to find a QB for when Big Ben retires which could be after this season. I don’t think they’ll have a chance at the top QB’s in this draft but look for a guy like Kyle Trask out of Florida, or Kellen Mond out of Texas A&M. They’ll also have to fill the hole of Maurkice Pouncey, who retired after last season. Overall, they have some needs to fill for sure but should get by with what they already have.

San Francisco 49ers - QB, IOL, CB

The 49ers traded up from 12 to 3 in the draft and that tells me one thing; they’re taking a quarterback. Jimmy G can be their guy for now but drafting a guy like Justin Fields or Mac Jones means they might take over sooner than expected. I just don’t see them sitting and waiting for a long time. After the QB position, I could see them adding to the O-Line to help whoever is at QB, and then focusing on the defense as they lost a few key players to free agency.

Seattle Seahawks - OT, Edge, CB

The Seahawks need two things. Offensive line help and defensive help. Truthfully, it’s about 7 things if you count each position but I won’t put you through that. Their defense is a mess in general and needs help everywhere and unfortunately, it’s not just the defense as Russell Wilson has shared his frustrations about the offensive line. Look for them to add a ton in those two areas throughout the whole draft.

Tampa Bay Bucs - IDL, IOL, RB

The Buccaneers have brought back just about everyone from the Super Bowl team so there isn’t too much to say in terms of their needs. It’s never bad to add depth especially to an older defensive line. Next, you take a look at the interior O-Line & possibly add some replacements there for the future.

Tennessee Titans - CB, S, WR

The Titans still need help in their secondary so look for them to add pieces there first. Then, I’m sure they would love some replacements for the players they lost in Corey Davis & Jonnu Smith due to free agency. Look for them to be another team kind of just adding pieces everywhere on the team from cornerback to safety to D-Line to tight end to wide receiver.

Washington Football Team - OT, S, TE

The Washington Football Team needs more than just a new name. They need help protecting whoever is at QB for them this year, whether that’s Ryan Fitzpatrick or Taylor Heinicke or a QB they draft. To follow up on the offensive lineman pick, they could look to add to the defensive secondary, considering Landon Collins’ injuries & a big contract, it could be worth it to try and replace him through the draft. They have a good TE in Logan Thomas but adding another option in the later rounds like a guy like Brevin Jordan out of Miami could do wonders for them.

Our first NFL Mock Draft will be out later today, so be sure to check that out.

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