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  • John Schlinger

The MLB is Ruining Baseball

Rob Manfred and the league office need to hold a meeting, take a good hard look at themselves, & realize they are ruining the reputation of Major League Baseball. How don't they realize that when they hand out these ludicrous punishments, for non-punishable offenses, they make themselves the laughing stock of the sports world.

What Happened?

In case you don't know what I'm referring to, there was a bench clearing scuffle in Saturday's Cardinals-Reds matchup. There was a play at the plate as Reds' LF Nick Castellanos slid into home and Cardinals' P Jake Woodford attempted to make the tag. Castellanos was called safe, he stood up, and flexed on Woodford. Nothing wrong here, it was an intense play between two rival teams.

Nick Castellanos Flexes After Scoring a Run

Go ahead and celebrate the run. I hate the Reds, but I love to see the intensity in the sport. Benches clear, the smoke settles, and all is fine. Castellanos is ejected and the game goes on; that should have been the end of the punishment right there. I don't think he even should have been ejected, but hey, those are the rules. But to strike down a two game suspension is outrageous. Let the players go at it, let the intensity build.

Let The Game Grow

That's what they keep saying, isn't it? As players and the MLB community took to the internet to voice their frustrations, I think Trevor Bauer of the Dodgers put it best on his twitter page.

Dodgers, Trevor Bauer, MLB, Rob Manfred, Baseball
Dodgers' Pitcher Trevor Bauer Tweets About MLB Issues

Rob Manfred... Stop That!

This is just the latest move by Rob Manfred which shows he really has no idea how to run this league. Please stop making the MLB look so soft and for God's sake, let the players play & do what they do best. These are grown men, playing a professional sport. This is the sport we love. This is Baseball.


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