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Weekly Power Rankings, July 6th

We are one week out from the All-Star Game and a little more than halfway through the season. The playoff picture scenarios are starting to come out and we already have an idea of who will be in and who will be out. There is still plenty of ball left to be played and a half-season to go, so let's see what this week's power rankings brought us.

Biggest Riser - Milwaukee Brewers ⇧5

Biggest Loser - Chicago Cubs ⇩7

Team, W-L, ⇧⇩ (From last week), (L10)

  1. San Francisco Giants - 53-30, = , (6-4) - The Giants are hanging onto 1st place in the NL West and the Power Rankings by a thread with the Dodgers knocking on their door. They have the Cardinals and Nationals before the ASG so they have a chance to get ahead a few more games in the standings before the break.

  2. Los Angeles Dodgers - 53-31, ⇧1 , (9-1) - The Dodgers have righted the ship after getting swept by the Padres, taking 3 of 4 from the Cubs and sweeping the Giants and Nationals in the past week and only sit a half-game behind the Giants.

  3. Houston Astros - 52-33, ⇩1 , (5-5) - Still the best all-around hitting team in the league, the Astros swept the Indians in a 4 game series after surprisingly getting swept by the Orioles. Yes you read that right, the O’s swept the Astros.

  4. Boston Red Sox - 53-32, ⇧2 , (9-1) - Sitting pretty atop the AL East is what the Red Sox plan to do in the second half of the season, just as they have for the majority of the first half. The Rays are still sliding and the Yankees are nowhere to be found, so the Sox just have to not collapse for this division to be theirs come October.

  5. Milwaukee Brewers - 51-34, ⇧5 , (9-1) - Milwaukee has been the most impressive team the past couple of weeks and it hasn't been close. They won 11 straight, their best record since 2003, and now sit in front of the NL Central by 6.5 games.

  6. Chicago White Sox - 49-34, ⇩2 , (6-4) - The White Sox have lost 3 straight to the Tigers and Twins, and have an incredible opportunity to pad their stats before the ASG. They have series with the Twins and Orioles after they dropped 2 of 3 to the Tigers.

  7. San Diego Padres - 50-36, ⇧1 , (6-4) - The lowest-ranked of our 50 win teams, the Padres are in the middle of playing 13 straight without a day off. They enter a homestand tonight against the Nationals and Rockies before the ASG next Tuesday.

  8. Oakland Athletics - 49-37, ⇩3 , (4-6) - Russo’s longshot to win the World Series has dropped slightly but remains firmly in the top 10 where I expect them to stay all season long. They have lost 2 of 3 in their past 3 series to the Giants, Rangers, and Red Sox and hope to gain a few games in the division when they go to Houston on Tuesday.

  9. Tampa Bay Rays - 48-36, ⇩2 , (3-7) - Tampa Bay is still holding on to that top Wild Card spot for now, and hope to expand that lead and close in on the Red Sox when Cleveland and Toronto come to town this week.

  10. New York Mets - 43-37, ⇧2 , (4-6) - The Mets have finally cracked the top 10 thanks to the Cubs meltdown. They haven't been overly impressive, and are quite lucky that every other team in the NL East continues to fall apart around them.

  11. Toronto Blue Jays - 43-39, ⇧3 , (6-4) - Other than the Astros, the Blue Jays have the best bats in the league and have scored at least 5 runs in 8 of their past 10 games. They have the Orioles and the Rays again before the break, and maybe we will have a new #2 in the AL East by then.

  12. Seattle Mariners - 45-40, ⇧3 , (6-4) - The Mariners have been quietly good for the past month, improving their record by 5 games through the month of June and are only 3.5 games behind the Athletics. They have an extremely important series with the Yankees coming up which may foreshadow the AL Wild Card race for us.

  13. Cleveland Indians - 42-39, ⇩2 , (1-9) - The Tribe has dropped 9 of their last 10 and seven straight whIch is the reason for them dropping and losing the momentum that they had built up over the past couple of weeks.

  14. Cincinnati Reds - 43-40, ⇧3 , (6-4) - Thanks to the collapse the Cubs have had, also thanks in part to getting swept by the Reds, Cincinnati has entered 2nd place in the NL Central and slides up 3 spots in this week’s rankings.

  15. New York Yankees - 42-41, ⇩2 , (3-7) - We wanted Ketel Marte, and we got Tim Locastro. Hal Steinbrenner said during a press conference that Aaron Boone is not on the hot seat and it is the player’s fault that the Bronx Bombers are so bad. A complete clown show in New York,

  16. Chicago Cubs - 42-42, ⇩7 , (1-9) - Currently on a 9 game losing streak, getting swept by the Reds and Brewers back to back and losing 3 out of 4 to the Dodgers put the Cubs back into 3rd place in the NL East, and I am back to believing they will be sellers at the deadline.

  17. Los Angeles Angels - 42-41, ⇩1 , (6-4) - The Angels are still a game above .500 and have a slightly new-looking rotation after they moved Dylan Bundy to the bullpen after a rough start to the 2021 season.

  18. Atlanta Braves- 41-42, ⇧3 , (6-4) - The injuries to Ynoa and Soroka are starting to really show as the Braves just can't get over the .500 hump. Max Fried got shellacked against the Pirates today (Monday) and it’s days like today when you really miss the rest of your rotation.

  19. Washington Nationals - 40-42, = , (4-6) - An injury to the red hot Kyle Schwarber was enough to take the winds out of the Washington sails and lose any momentum they had garnered.

  20. St. Louis Cardinals - 41-44, ⇩1 , (5-5) - The Cardinals managed to not get swept by the Rockies, only winning 1 out of 4 after sweeping the Diamondbacks. They can only beat teams at the bottom of the barrel, and really need to pull together a few good wins against the Giants to regain morale in the locker room.

  21. Philadelphia Phillies - 39-42, ⇩3 , (5-5) - The Fightin Phils are not so Fightin this season. Just like the rest of the NL East that are not the Mets, they have struggled all season to get above .500. Being that the NL is so good this year and the Wild Card is most likely going to be 2 NL West teams if the Phillies can't pull together and take this division, their chances of seeing the postseason are slim.

  22. Detroit Tigers - 38-46, ⇩3 , (6-4) - Detroit has taken 2 of 3 from the White Sox and Indians in the past week and things will get easier for them as they take a road trip to Texas and Minnesota before the ASG. Could the Tigers be one of the hottest teams entering the break?

  23. Miami Marlins - 35-47, ⇩1 , (4-6) - Adam Duvall and Jazz Chisolm have continued to add to their impressive seasons, and the Marlins stay right around where they have been all season, a fun-to-watch below-average team.

  24. Kansas City Royals - 35-48, ⇩1 , (2-8) - With injuries to Benintendi and Mondesi the Royals are still severely lacking star power, and if Salvador Perez wasn't having a career season, this team would be much worse than they already are.

  25. Colorado Rockies - 37-48, ⇧1 , (6-4) - The Rockies took 3 of 4 from the Cardinals and hope to build more this upcoming week before the ASG at their home stadium arrives. They are away in Arizona and San Diego, so I find it highly unlikely they move up next week, but anything is possible.

  26. Minnesota Twins - 34-48, ⇩2 , (3-7) - There are not many teams who usually sell EVERYTHING when the deadline comes around, but I believe the Twins should consider it. Trade Maeda, Donaldson, Cruz, Berrios, Polanco. Trade them all. Now it doesn't help that Byron Buxton suffered a fractured left hand, but this team still stunk with him in the lineup.

  27. Texas Rangers - 33-51, = , (6-4) - Kyle Gibson made the All-Star lineup and had been pretty much the only bright spot in another throwaway season for the Rangers. Joey Gallo has still been impressive, but nothing else in Texas has.

  28. Pittsburgh Pirates - 30-53, = , (3-7) - The Pirates got swept by the Rockies, almost swept by the Brewers, and scored exactly 2 runs in 5 straight games. They can’t get the bats going and they can't get Starters deep into games. A certain recipe for disaster.

  29. Baltimore Orioles - 27-57, = , (4-6) - The Orioles are one of the most puzzling teams in the league to me, because I truly believe their roster is better than their record reflects. They have core pieces to build around and can have a Home Run Derby winner for the first time since Miguel Tejada in 2004.

  30. Arizona Diamondbacks - 23-63, = , (2-8) - Unlike the Orioles, this team just flat out sucks. They don't have pieces to build around, and will more than likely trade away anybody worth anything by the break. I would expect Escobar to be dealt with this season, along with Ketel Marte. Arizona has said they don't plan on moving Marte, but I think they would be foolish not to entertain the idea.

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