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Weekly Power Rankings, June 1

Another month of baseball down, and another set of power rankings are here. To kick off the third month of baseball, we find ourselves with another new #1, a minor shake-up in the top 5, a huge shake-up in the mid ranks, and the bad teams cementing themselves as the worst in the league. Let's take a look and see how things have shaken up over the past week

Team, W-L, ⇧⇩ (From last week), (L10)

  1. Tampa Bay Rays, 34-20, ⇧4 , (9-1) - The Rays have kept the hot streak alive, and thrust themselves into the top spot in this weeks rankings. The Yankees continue to drop, while the Rays stay hot and stay atop the AL East.

  2. San Diego Padres, 34-20, ⇩1, (7-3) - The Padres only dropped a spot because the Rays are so hot right now. Fernando Tatis is the best baseball player in the world right now, and every offseason move seems to be working out for them (other then Blake Snell)

  3. Boston Red Sox, 32-20, ⇩1, (7-3) - At this point in the season, i would have to say we know who the Boston Red Sox are, and they will be the same consistent team throughout the season. As long as they stay healthy, they will take either the #1 or #2 spot in the AL East, and it's safe to say that my overreaction from opening weekend saying the Red Sox will finish as one of the worst teams, is just about as cold of a take as it gets.

  4. San Francisco Giants, 33-20, = , (6-4) - As Russo and I talked about on Sunday's pod, I really want the Giants to go out and get a solid player at the deadline. I would love to see them go out and see if they can find a superstar on the low, and really solidify this team as World Series contenders.

  5. Chicago White Sox, 32-20, ⇧3 , (6-4) - I’ve said it once, and i'll say it again. If this team continues to play at this high of a level, without two of their best players, they will be SCARY good come October.

  6. Los Angeles Dodgers, 31-22, ⇩3, (6-4) - The Dodgers seem like they are going to be very streaky all season. They might win 10 straight, but then lose 4 out of 5. Every week that goes by, the NL West gets tighter and tighter.

  7. Oakland Athletics, 31-24, ⇩1, (5-5) - Russo likes them for his World Series pick, and I'm not sure whether they can even make the playoffs. They continue to be the team we argue about the most and if they don't make changes soon, that's not going to change.

  8. New York Yankees, 29-24, ⇩1 , (5-5) - If i could morally put the Yankees at #30 I would. As a Yankees fan, I am disgusted on so many levels. They are 2nd in the league for number of games with 2 runs or less, and just got swept by the Tigers.

  9. St. Louis Cardinals, 30-23, = , (5-5) - The Cardinals are beginning to scare me a bit. They have proven in the past week that they have no depth, and if they get hit with any sort of injury, you can count them out for a few games. They absolutely need to be buyers at the deadline, and get J-Flare some help in the rotation.

  10. Chicago Cubs, 29-23, ⇧4 , (8-2) - The Cubs put together a solid month of May, going 18-8 and finding themselves only a half a game back from the Cardinals.

  11. New York Mets , 25-20, ⇧1 , (6-4) - Props to the Mets. For once, the Mets have impressed me. They still have most of their lineup out on the IL, get more bad news about players injury, and yet remain atop the NL East. I attribute that solely to how well this team is connected, and it just goes to show, fun translates into winning.

  12. Cleveland Indians, 28-23, ⇩1, (5-5) - To me, still the most surprising team of 2021. After they traded Francisco, and especially after Franmil got hurt, I would have bet my first-born that this team would be one of the worst in the league. They continuously find ways to win, and are still just outside of the top 10.

  13. Houston Astros, 28-24, ⇩3, (4-6) - I can't continue to make excuses for the ‘Stros all season. If they want to overtake the Athletics atop the AL West, they need to start winning away from Minute Maid. They are 17-12 at home, and slightly below .500 away.

  14. Milwaukee Brewers, 28-25, ⇧3, (7-3) - The Brewers find themselves on hottest streak since Corbin Burnes refused to walk anybody. They are back into the conversation of taking the NL Central, only 2 games back from the Cardinals.

  15. Toronto Blue Jays, 27-25, ⇩2, (4-6) - If this team wants to go deep into October, and get in at all, they need George Springer to play and they need help with the pitching staff. The Mad-Max sweepstakes will be fun, and I expect the Jays to be heavily involved.

  16. Seattle Mariners, 27-27, ⇧3, (6-4) - After calling up a few of their top prospects, Logan Gilbert and Jared Kelenic are having a rough transition to the big leagues. We expect them to be a middle of the road team, but they should get better as the young guys get more accustomed to the change.

  17. Atlanta Braves, 24-26, ⇩2, (5-5) - Marcell Ozuna (newly discovered scumbag) put the Braves in a sticky situation this week with his Domestic Violence accusations, and if he doesn't come back, which he shouldn't, the Braves need to find another big bat immediately. With Ozuna gone, you need somebody to help out Ronald over in the ATL.

  18. Kansas City Royals, 25-26, ⇧2, (6-4) - What a weird team the Royals are. They started the season with some of baseball's best, immediately went to the coldest team in the league, and have stayed mediocre since then. I believe they will sell a few players, definitely Mondesi (check out our pod for reasons why) , but if one team were to surprise me and be buyers and not sellers, it would be KC.

  19. Philadelphia Phillies, 25-28, ⇩1, (3-7) - Talk about blowing a golden opportunity, the Mets are missing damn near their entire lineup, and the Phillies still manage to lose a bunch of games and drop in the division, and power rankings.

  20. Miami Marlins, 24-28, ⇩4, (5-5) - Just the same as the Phils, if they wanted to be taken serious, now would be the time. Nobody expected the Marlins to be in the same conversation as the Phillies, but here we are. The Marlins are a much younger team, which gives me more optimism about the future, compared to otters in the NL East.

  21. Los Angeles Angels, 24-29, ⇧4, (5-5) - I might turn this into a Dylan Bundy hate group soon. He is on a 1 yr, $8.25 million contract, and as their ace is 0-6 with a 6.49 ERA, allowing 53 hits over 51 IP. The Angels are the new Yankees, and are now the team who needs to help their lineup with pitching.

  22. Detroit Tigers, 22-31, ⇧2 , (5-5) - A sweep of the Yankees (yes, you read that right) is the sole reason the Tigers moved up two spots this week. They’re not playing terrible ball, and as Russo and I talked about, we would like to see Spencer Torkelson soon, but we may not for a little while still.

  23. Washington Nationals, 21-28, ⇩2, (4-6) - In a year when they could have proved everybody wrong, they prove everybody right in saying “The Nationals suck and they don't know what they're doing”. I am extremely close to calling this team a dumpster fire, and if I didn't love Dave Martinez, I think I would.

  24. Cincinnati Reds, 23-28, ⇩2 , (4-6) - Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. If the Reds had a couple good starters, they would be one of the best teams in the league. Luis Casillo needs to figure his shit out, and I expect them to be huge contenders in the Max Scherzer sweepstakes come July.

  25. Texas Rangers, 22-33, ⇩2, (3-7) - A very odd team to me, the Rangers are. They are a bad team, let's call it what it is. And yet, they can sweep some of the league's best, but lose a series or get swept by some of the leagues worst. They are going to trade Gallo at the deadline, and I'm all but positive it's going to be to the Yankees.

  26. Minnesota Twins, 21-31, ⇧4, (7-3) - The Twins have finally pulled themselves out of the gutter, winning 8 of their past 11. They move up slightly, but I believe they're going to be garbage for the rest of the season, and will likely trade Nelson Cruz at the deadline.

  27. Pittsburgh Pirates, 20-32, ⇩1 , (3-7) - Adam Frazier leads the league in hits, which leads me to believe he will be traded for a draft pick or a prospect, in which they will eventually trade again, completing the Pirates circle of life.

  28. Colorado Rockies, 20-34, ⇧1 , (5-5) - If the Rockies didn't play at Coors field, they would be the worst team in the league by a long shot. They are 16-12 at home, and a measly 4-22 away. That just goes to show how much a ballpark can change a team's play.

  29. Arizona Diamondbacks, 19-35, ⇩1 , (1-9) - If they had Zac Gallen they would be a slightly better team, but I dont think this team is as bad as the other “bad” teams. On paper, this team is very good, which makes it hard to decide whether they will be buyers or sellers at the deadline.

  30. Baltimore Orioles, 17-36, ⇩1, (0-10) - The Orioles have lost 13 straight games (yikes), getting swept by the Rays, Nationals, Twins, and White Sox. This team has a few bright spots, but they still suck and will for awhile. Sorry, O’s fans.

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