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Weekly Power Rankings, June 15

Officially halfway through June and the Rays are on top for the third week in a row. The top 10 is hands down the best 10 teams in the league, with a 5 win difference between 10th-11th place. 11th-22nd are the bubble teams that still have a few things to figure out, or are in the midst of a complete landslide (looking at you Cards and Yanks), and 23rd-30th is where we take a dive into the gutter teams.

Biggest Riser - Los Angeles Angels ⇧6

Biggest Loser(s) - San Diego Padres ⇩5, St. Louis Cardinals ⇩5

Team, W-L, ⇧⇩ (From last week), (L10)

  1. Tampa Bay Rays, 42-24, = , (7-3) - The Rays now hold the streak for most consecutive weeks at #1, coming in for the 3rd week now. Still holding the best record in the MLB, the Rays get their first challenge of the month vs the White Sox this week.

  2. Chicago White Sox, 41-24, ⇧3, (8-2) - The Chi-Sox improved enough the past week to jump into the 2nd spot, their highest of the season. They get a chance to really prove themselves, and cement them as one of the top teams in the AL as they take on the Rays Mon-Wed.

  3. San Francisco Giants, 40-25, = , (6-4) - As the season continues to progress, the Giants chances of winning the NL West improve each day. They are still #1 in the division with a game on the Dodgers, and 2.5 on the Padres.

  4. Boston Red Sox, 39-27, ⇩2, (6-4) - The Red Sox went 3-4 over the last 7 days, which includes narrowly avoiding a sweep by the Astros. I have been ragging on the Sox pitching all year, and Garrett Richards and Nathan Eovaldi may have heard me. They have both been pitching well, and the Sox will need it if they want to take that top spot back from the Rays.

  5. Oakland Athletics, 40-27, ⇧2, (8-2) - Both of Matt’s bat’s have been hot, as Olson and Chapman lead the charge for the A’s to make their resurgence back into the top 5. In the month of June they have outscored opponents 65-28 which should prove useful as the smokin Angels come into town.

  6. Los Angeles Dodgers, 39-26, = , (7-3) - The Dodgers had the easiest week of any team which is why they didn't move up at all in the Power Rankings. They swept the Pirates (Woooo, congrats) and took two of 3 against the Rangers. They are still a game back from the Giants, and get another shot at the end of the month to gain a couple games on them.

  7. Chicago Cubs, 38-27, ⇧1, (6-4) - Tied for 1st place in the NL Central, there is no way the Cubs can sell at the deadline like I had originally thought they would. They have a legitimate shot of winning the division, and making a run come October.

  8. Milwaukee Brewers, 38-27, ⇧2, (9-1) - The Brewers red hot week has them tied for first place in the NL Central, and officially inside of the top 10. They are 17-4 in their last 21, and have all of their pieces finally falling together. Hader is at full strength, and Yelli is almost back to full-time.

  9. San Diego Padres, 38-29, ⇩5, (4-6) - The Padres month of June has included getting swept by the Cubs, splitting 4 with the Mets, losing 2 out of 3 to the Cubs, and losing 2 out of 3 to the Mets again. They are back to 3rd in the division, and need to right the ship before seeing the Dodgers next week.

  10. Houston Astros, 37-28, ⇩1, (6-4) - The Astros have put together a very nice June. Taking 4 of 6 against the Red Sox, having yet to lose a series this month, but still finding themselves behind the pesky A’s. They have the second Wild Card spot as of right now, so nothing to worry about in Houston.

  11. New York Mets, 32-25, = , (6-4) - Steve Cohen and Mets fans must be overwhelmed with joy to be in first place, actually hold that spot for a significant amount of time, all while the most injury stricken team. Philadelphia is slowly catching up, and seems to be the only concern the Mets will have as the season progresses.

  12. Cleveland Indians, 34-28, = , (6-4) - Cleveland got another obstacle thrown their way Monday evening as news broke that Shane Bieber was headed to the 10-day IL, with expectations for it to be longer. Cleveland has seen all of their stars hit the IL, or head to Queens, and they are really bringing out the “next man up” mentality this season.

  13. Toronto Blue Jays, 33-30, = , (5-5) - The second generation team is looking good and only going to get better once Springer returns. Vlad Jr. is the AL MVP favorite, and the trio of Bichette/Biggio/Vlad are batting .292 with 39 HR on the season. Exciting things are coming for Toronto.

  14. Cincinnati Reds, 32-31, ⇧4, (8-2) - A weekend sweep of the Rockies helps boost the Reds up another 4 spots after their 4 game sweep of St. Louis last weekend. After the Cards miserable collapse, the Reds are sitting in 3rd in the NL Central, still with some serious pitching concerns.

  15. Los Angeles Angels, 33-32, ⇧6, (8-2) - This week's biggest risers come in the form of Angels. The Halos have won 6 straight, sweeping the Royals and D-Backs back to back this past week. They are 9-2 in the month of June, but finish out the month with the A’s, Giants, Rays, and Yankees.

  16. Philadelphia Phillies, 32-31, ⇧4, (7-3) - Slowly but steadily catching up with the Mets, anybody who has gotten to play the Yankees in the past month has benefited greatly. The Phils swept the Yanks in a quick two game series this past weekend, but have a tough week coming up as they take a trip to the West Coast to visit the Dodgers and the Giants.

  17. New York Yankees, 33-32, ⇩2, (3-7) - Disgraceful, Despicable, Disgusting, Horrendous, Atrocious, Flat out UGLY. Any of these aforementioned words could be used to describe the Yankees' play lately, and many (including myself) foresee big changes coming in the near future. Whether that comes in the form of being sellers at the deadline, firing Aaron Boone, or both, we will see soon if they dont light a fire under their ass in the Bronx.

  18. Atlanta Braves, 30-33, ⇧1, (5-5) - Losing important games seems to be atop of the Braves To-Do list. They lost both series in the past week, which were against the Phillies and Marlins. In what is the most grabbable division in the MLB, you can't be losing series to divisional rivals week in and week out. The Braves have not won a series against a division rival since May 9 when they won 2 of 3 against the Phillies.

  19. St. Louis Cardinals, 32-33, ⇩5, (1-9) *Please see #17 for applicable adjectives*. Where do I start? This team has thrown away the division. After finding themselves in first for the majority of the year they have now dropped to fourth. They are in complete pitching disarray without Jack, and Nolan Arenado has been the only consistent hitter on the team.

  20. Seattle Mariners, 32-35, ⇩4, (4-6) - Logan Gilbert seems to be getting adjusted to the MLB now, which is one of the few bright spots for this Mariners team. Mitch Haniger may be headed to the IL for a short stint, and Catcher Luis Torrens got called back up to the Majors.

  21. Kansas City Royals, 30-34, ⇩4, (2-8) - The Royals haven’t had a day off since June 2, and don't have one until June 17. The exhaustion may be catching up with them as they've lost 8 of their last 9, and get the Tigers coming to town before their first day off in 2 weeks.

  22. Miami Marlins, 29-36, ⇧1, (5-5) - There are now two teams with a positive run differential in the NL East, the first place Mets and the Miami Marlins. I've been saying all year that I don't think this team is as bad as people think they are, and they get to visit the slumping Cardinals this week to continue to prove it.

  23. Detroit Tigers, 26-39, ⇩1, (3-7) - After they had a bit of a hot streak and actually moved up a few spots, the Tigers are all the way back (down) and land next to the other AL Central dumpster fire, the Minnesota Twins. They got swept by the White Sox, but took two of three from the Mariners to keep them from sliding further.

  24. Minnesota Twins, 26-39, = , (4-6) - Who would have thought in the beginning of the season, we would be comparing the Twins to the Tigers. I sure as shit didn't, but here we are. Although the two have the same record, the Twins have the better run differential by 21 runs, and should (should being the key word) to at least sail past the Tigers and not finish last in the division.

  25. Washington Nationals, 27-35, ⇧1, (4-6) - The Nats finally move up a spot! Congratulations Washington! After splitting two with the Rays, and 4 with the Giants, the Nats actually manage to slide up a spot. They remain in the basement of the NL East, but with the Pirates, Mets, Phillies, and Marlins coming up they may be able to push up a few games.

  26. Texas Rangers, 25-41, ⇧2, (3-7) - On Friday, they lost to the Dodgers 12-1. On Saturday, they beat the Dodgers 12-1. They managed to not get swept by the Giants and Dodgers, a good sign for a team like the Rangers.

  27. Baltimore Orioles, 22-42, ⇧2, (5-5) - Last week we talked about the 3 M’s for Baltimore. This week we talk about the 4 M’s because I forgot about one, and he may be the most important. Means, Mancini, Mountcastle, and MULLINS. Whether Cedric is making diving grabs in the outfield, or slapping dingers out to CF, he is starting to look more like an All-Star every day. BaltiMMMMore.

  28. Colorado Rockies, 25-41, ⇩3, (3-7) - Tapia, Story, Blackmon, McMahon, Marquez. Trade them all, go out and get draft picks and start all over again. The definition of a dumpster fire, I can at least make out some sort of direction for these other teams. The Rockies are lost, they can only win at Coors, and nothing is going to change for this clubhouse this year.

  29. Pittsburgh Pirates, 23-41, ⇩2, (3-7) - The Bucs have lost 8 straight, and have gotten swept by the Dodgers and the Brewers in the past week. It has been a tough June for Pittsburgh, and won't get any better as the Indians, White Sox, and Cardinals all come to town before months end.

  30. Arizona Diamondbacks, 20-46, = , (0-10) - The D-Backs could stay on the bench every night, and have more of a chance of winning a ball game then they currently do. Only the second time this season we have seen a team not win a single game from Power Ranking to Power Ranking, which is the downfall of having both of your aces go down with injury.

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