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Weekly Power Rankings, June 22

For the first time in weeks we have a huge shake up in the top 5, no new teams entering the top 10 but an entire rearrangement was necessary. 11-20 also saw quite the mixup this week, and the garbage teams staying where they belong, the bottom of the barrel. There were a lot of brooms broken out over the past week so let's dive right in.

Biggest Riser(s) - Houston Astros ⇧8 Washington Nationals ⇧6

Biggest Loser - Tampa Bay Rays ⇩6

Team, W-L, ⇧⇩ (From last week), (L10)

  1. San Francisco Giants - 46-26, ⇧2 , (7-3) - For the first time all season, the Giants claim the top spot after taking 2 of 3 from the Phillies, and a 4 game sweep of the D-Backs. The Giants are 16-6 in their last 22 and have the league's best record by 1.5 games. The Miracle season continues.

  2. Houston Astros - 43-28, ⇧8 , (8-2) - Nobody is hotter than the Astros right now which is what boosted them into second place. That, and the fact that they lead the league in run differential with +112. The ‘stros have won 7 straight including an impressive 4 game sweep over the CWS.

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers - 44-27, ⇧3 , (8-2) - Everybody look out, here come the defending champs. The Dodgers are the hottest they've been in awhile, they have the 2nd best run differential (+103) and are still without Max Muncy, Corey Seager, and Cody Bellinger. When this team is fully healthy, they will look just as scary as they did last year.

  4. Chicago White Sox - 43-29, ⇩2 , (5-5) - The Chi-Sox drop a couple spots this week after getting swept in 4 by the Astros. They lost Nick Madrigal for the season, and rumors have started about them potentially going after Eduardo Escobar of the D-Backs. I love the aggressiveness by the Sox here to go and make this season a championship season.

  5. Oakland Athletics - 44-29, = , (7-3) - Matt. Freaking. Olson. Okay, the A’s are getting a ton of production everywhere. But let's talk about Matt Olson, he's batting .305 with 20 HR, 53 RBI, and a .998 OPS. 6 HR in his last 15 games, Matt is picking up the slack for the A’s other Matt (Chapman) who was only in headlines this week after ending the game by getting K’d by a 103mph Aroldis Chapman fastball.

  6. Boston Red Sox - 43-29, ⇩2 , (6-4) - Back on top of the AL East by a half game thanks to a Tampa Bay skid, the Red Sox will hope to stay on top after they visit the Rays in Tampa, then get the Yankees at Fenway for the first time this season.

  7. Tampa Bay Rays - 43-30, ⇩6 , (4-6) - The Rays have dropped their last 6, and are this week's biggest losers. A move which more than likely prompted the call up of young phenom Wander Franco, the #1 prospect in the whole league. The Rays look to get a moral boost from Wander when they host the Red Sox starting Tuesday.

  8. San Diego Padres - 42-32, ⇧1 , (5-5) - Swept the Reds in a 4 game series, after getting swept by the Colorado Rockies. What an up and down week for the Padres, They kick off another series against the Dodgers Monday (Padres up 4-0 at time of writing this) and will look to build off of their sweep of the Reds.

  9. Chicago Cubs - 40-32, ⇩2 , (5-5) - After their sweep of the Cardinals last weekend, the Cubs have dropped 5 of 7, winning the last game of the series against the Mets and the Marlins. They got outscored 21-5 in the 3 game series against the Fish, and got lucky that Miami couldn't get their bats going,

  10. Milwaukee Brewers - 40-32, ⇩2 , (5-5) - The Brew Crew split 4 with the Rockies, and got swept by Reds prior to that. Lorenzo Cain said he hopes to return to the lineup before the ASG so hopefully that will add a pop to this less than average lineup.

  11. Cleveland Indians - 39-20, ⇧1 , (7-3) - Cleveland finally manages to inch past the Mets this week after they were one spot behind for the past 3 weeks. They swept the Orioles in a 4 game series but then proceeded to lose 2 of 3 to the Pirates. They are only 2 games out of the Wild Card, and although it seems an insurmountable task, they continue to prove people wrong and it would not surprise me if they kept making a push.

  12. New York Mets - 37-29, ⇩1, (5-5) - Jacob deGrom has a 0.50 ERA through June 21. Yes, you read that right. We are witnessing history every time he throws a pitch, and I promise you I will not stop talking about it. Jeff McNeil returned to the lineup Monday, which is the beginning of a healthier Mets as their stars start to roll back in.

  13. New York Yankees - 38-33, ⇧4 , (6-4) - The Yankees are the only team in the league with an even run differential (talk about back and forth), and have put together their best week since they swept the White Sox a month ago. They swept the Blue Jays and took 2 of 3 against the Athletics, and it appears that Gary Sanchez is all the way back. Good news for the Bronx Bombers.

  14. Toronto Blue Jays - 35-35, ⇩1 , (4-6) - The Blue Jays biggest flaw this season is the country of Canada not allowing them to play in Toronto. They have the 7th highest points for in the league, a +43 run differential (highest of any team not 1st or 2nd indivision other than the Padres), and only a 13-16 record at home, which is in Buffalo this season. I can only imagine how hard it is to play at “home” when it's a AAA stadium, in a divisional opponent's state.

  15. Seattle Mariners - 38-36, ⇧5 , (7-3) - Seattle put together a very impressive week with a 4 game sweep over the Rays, and taking 2 of 3 over the Twins. They are 7-1 in their last 8, and hope to stretch that into 10-1 when Colorado comes to town on Tuesday.

  16. Los Angeles Angels - 36-36, ⇩1 , (6-4) - Shohei had one of the most impressive weeks of baseball ive ever seen. HR Monday, HR Tuesday, Pitching W and 5 K Wednesday, 2 HR Thursday, HR Friday, HR Saturday. Ho. Ly. Shit. They got swept by the A’s but followed that with taking 3 of 4 against the Tigers over Shohei’s incredible week.

  17. Cincinnati Reds - 35-35, ⇩1 , (6-4) - Back to Back sweeps of the Rockies and Brewers had the Reds sitting pretty. That was until they ran into the brick wall that is the San Diego Padres. They got swept in 4 games by the Pads, and hope to bounce back when they fly to Minnesota for a quick two game series.

  18. Philadelphia Phillies - 34-35, ⇩2 , (6-4) - The Phillies continue to blow it in big games, and can’t seem to gain a step on the Mets. They had a tough week against the Dodgers and Giants and only managed to win 2 games this past week, one against each.

  19. Washington Nationals - 33-36, ⇧6 , (8-2) - For the second week in a row the Nats move up in the Power Rankings, and were good enough to break into the top 20 and be one of this week's biggest risers. They took 3 of 4 against the Mets, swept the Pirates, and split a 4 game series with the Giants.

  20. St. Louis Cardinals - 36-36, ⇩1 , (4-6) - There are a lot of teams that need pitching in the league, but none more than the Cardinals in my opinion. They are 5-12 since putting Jack Flaherty on the IL, and hope to get it right with the easiest stretch of any team coming up. They get the Tigers, Pirates, and the Diamondbacks to end the month.

  21. Atlanta Braves - 33-37, ⇩3 , (4-6) - The Braves still cant take big games or finish series out. They won 3 of 4 against the Cards, but got swept by the Red Sox in a two game series prior to that. They are still in 3rd in the NL East but are at risk of dropping to 4th or even 5th with the Nationals heating up and the Marlins playing good ball against good teams.

  22. Miami Marlins - 31-40, = , (5-5) - I’ve been saying all season that I think the Marlins are a better team than they seem to be, and they proved me correct when they MANHANDLED the Cubs for the first two games of their series. Game 1 they won 10-2, and Game 2 they won 11-1. They got swept by the Cardinals prior to that, but I still like this team more than most.

  23. Kansas City Royals - 32-38, ⇩2 , (3-7) - If your catcher is leading your team in AVG, HR, RBI, and OPS, there's a solid chance your team SUCKS. Not to put down Salvador Perez, he is having an incredible season. But you need your position players to put out better stats at the plate. Sure, Whit Merrifield leads the league in SB, but not one player in that lineup is batting over .300, and nobody has an OPS over .900.

  24. Minnesota Twins - 30-41, = , (6-4) - The Twins are on a 4 game win streak after sweeping the Rangers, but there won’t be anymore handouts in the month of June for them as they have the Reds and Indians coming to town before heading off to Chicago for a series against the Chi-Sox.

  25. Detroit Tigers - 30-42, ⇩2 , (4-6) - After sweeping the Royals, the Tigers lost 3 of 4 against the Angels but have a chance to bounce back against the Cardinals coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday before the red hot Astros come to town.

  26. Colorado Rockies - 30-43, ⇧2 , (5-5) - The only thing Rockies fans have to look forward to is the All-Star Game, not that they will have any players playing in it. They will most likely trade anybody with any sort of value by the deadline, and along with the D-Backs, have the darkest future of any team.

  27. Texas Rangers - 25-46, ⇩1 , (2-8) - In the midst of a 6 game losing streak, the Rangers are 3-13 in the month of June, getting swept in 3 series, and only pulled out 1 win in the other 3.

  28. Pittsburgh Pirates - 25-45, ⇧1 , (2-8) - Brubaker had a solid outing this past week fanning 9 against the Indians, and that was just about the lone bright spot for the Bucs this week. They’re 2-11 their past 13, with their only wins coming against the Indians.

  29. Baltimore Orioles - 23-48, ⇩2 , (1-9) - The O’s had a 7-4 lead going into the top of the 9th against the Jays on Saturday the 19th. They lost that game by a score of 10-7. Mountcastle had 3 HR, Mullins had 2, and they still managed to lose the game. If that doesn't sum up the O’s season thus far, I don't know what does.

  30. Arizona Diamondbacks - 20-53, = , (0-10) - 20 days. The Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t won a baseball game in 20 days, going 0-17 in that span. They have the worst run differential in the league, and are the only ones below -100. Bob Nightengale broke news today that the CWS are trying to acquire Eduardo Escobar, so expect things to get more dreary in the desert.

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