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Weekly Power Rankings, May 25

Weekly Power Rankings, May 25

Another week in the MLB season has come and gone, and we’ve got a major shakeup in the top 5. We have our third different #1, a team breaking the top 5 for the first time this season, and a handful of teams moving back into their projected spot. A few teams are extremely hot, and a few remain ice cold. Let's take a dive and see what has changed over the past week.

Team, W-L, ⇧⇩ (From last week), (L10)

  1. San Diego Padres, 30-17, ⇧4, (9-1) - The Padres are looking absolutely DOMINANT throughout the past 2 weeks. They have won 9 straight and 12 of their past 13, sweeping the Cardinals, Rockies, and Mariners through that span.

  2. Boston Red Sox, 29-19, ⇩1, (7-3) - Boston only dropped a spot because the Padres are on FIRE right now. Boston is still hot, scoring less than 5 runs in only 3 of their last 8. They have dropped to second place in the AL East thanks to a hot streak by the Rays.

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers, 29-18, ⇧5, (9-1) - Every week that goes by, the Dodgers get closer to the top. They’ve won 7 straight, and Albert Pujols has seemed to get a little bit of a resurgence after picking up his Dodger Blues. Max Muncy hit Barry Bonds territory out in the bay the other night, and all seems to be well in LA, but the Padres aren't going anywhere, and we are in for a treat all season.

  4. San Francisco Giants, 28-19, =, (6-4) - In the middle of a little slide, the Giants have lost 3 straight and are now 3rd in the NL West, where I think they will stay for the rest of the season. It's going to be tough to be in the NL West for the next few years, and the Giants will have to stay red hot to compete for that top spot.

  5. Tampa Bay Rays, 30-19, ⇧8, (10-0) - I would argue the Rays are on the hottest streak we've seen from any team all season. 10-0 through the past 10, winning a wild extra innings game against the Mariners Monday night to get to 11 straight. To put it simply, the Rays get the job done when they need to.

  6. Oakland Athletics, 28-20, ⇩3, (5-5) - Just as i predicted a few weeks ago, the A’s are beginning to regress. .500 over their last 10, and they still can't complete a sweep. Oakland’s only sweep was against the Tigers in mid April.

  7. New York Yankees, 28-19, ⇧2, (8-2) - My favorite thing about the Yankees is when one player ends a hot streak, another player begins. Welcome to 2021 Gleyber! The SS that has a lot of people wondering about his long-term role with the Yankees, has been an integral part of them staying hot. The Yankees 5 starters haven't allowed a run in the past 35 combined innings, and Corey Kluber looks like his Cy-Young year.

  8. Chicago White Sox, 26-19, ⇩6, (4-6) - The White Sox had a brief stay in the top 5, and their trip to the Bronx did not help. They got swept by the Yankees, getting outscored 14-5. Other than Giolito and Lynn, the CWS still have major questions in their rotation which may remain a thorn in the side for them.

  9. St. Louis Cardinals, 26-20, ⇩2, (4-6) - Their last 10 might be their worst all season, getting swept by the Padres and losing the first series to the Cubs all season definitely did not help. Goldy is still lacking production, but his power is there. They have a handful of injuries, including Dylan Carlson, Miles Mikolas, Paul Dejong, and Tyler O’Neill.

  10. Houston Astros, 26-21, ⇩4, (6-4) - Perhaps what may be the lowest spot all year for the ‘Stros, getting swept by the Rangers is never a good feeling (Sorry Rangers fans). 4 out of the next 5 series are against the Dodgers, Padres, and Red Sox so we will find out just what kind of team Houston is in the coming weeks.

  11. Cleveland Indians, 24-20, =, (4-6) - Cleveland may be the most Average team in the league. They win a series, they lose a series. Jose Ramirez is still their only consistent hitter, and he only has a .259 BA. The Indians desperately need a spark, and without Lindor, I'm not sure who's going to provide it.

  12. New York Mets , 21-19, =, (4-6) - The Mets still have a third of their lineup out, but good news for Mets fans is Degrom is back as of TONIGHT. The Mets held strong through the injuries and stayed atop the NL East. That could be more attributed to poor play by other teams, but hey, let's give the mets fans a break.

  13. Toronto Blue Jays, 23-23, ⇩3, (3-7) - Vlad Jr is going OFF, tied for league lead in HR… and the Jays have still lost 6 straight. They are losing ground in this division fast, and dropping in the Wild Card race. They need Springer back, and Cavan Biggio is ice cold and now on the IL.

  14. Chicago Cubs, 24-22, ⇧3, (7-3) - Taking the first series against the Cards helped them rise, and as long as the Cubbies don't ship Kris Bryant I think they will continue to give the Cards a run for their money.

  15. Atlanta Braves, 22-24, ⇧4, (5-5) - I will continue to say this all season, the Braves confuse the living hell out of me. At times, they look like one of the most dominant teams in the league, and at others they look like they could lose to a Little League team. They remain below .500 and are still second place in the NL East.

  16. Miami Marlins, 22-24, ⇧4, (6-4) - The most surprising stat of this week, the Marlins lead the NL East in run differential with +13. I truly believe the Marlins are a better team than people think, and if a couple of these NL teams continue to slide they could make a push for a Wild Card spot. Okay fine, highly unlikely, but i do like this team a lot,

  17. Milwaukee Brewers, 23-23, ⇩1, (4-6) - The Brewers scare me quite a bit, and not in a good way. They have a -19 run differential, a losing record (10-12) at home, and are 8-16 against teams with a .500 record or better. As we just talked about on the pod, they desperately need Christian Yelich back, and they need more production out of their ENTIRE lineup.

  18. Philadelphia Phillies, 23-24, ⇩4, (3-7) - Harper…..Harper…… Has anyone seen Bryce Harper? Mid slump, Girardi decided to bench Bryce for two straight days amidst a Phillies cold streak. They broke their 4 game losing streak Saturday night, avoiding getting swept by the Red Sox.

  19. Seattle Mariners, 21-26, ⇩1, (3-7) - The Mariners have lost 6 straight, and seem to be another team in complete disarray. They called up a couple of their prized prospects, but to no avail. A young promising team, but 2021 seems to be another wasted year for Seattle.

  20. Kansas City Royals, 22-23, ⇧6, (6-4) - They pulled themselves out of the gutter, and started to win baseball games again. Whit Merrifield has slowed down a significant amount, and a lot of people expect Benintendi to have a quick exit out of KC by the trade deadline.

  21. Washington Nationals, 20-23, =, (6-4) - The Nats swept the Orioles, and for the first time this season, have some momentum to build on. They are still being carried by Trea Turner, Juan Soto, and Max Scherzer, and seem to have the same problems they have year in, year out. I love this teams potential, and i love Dave Martinez, so hopefully they will be able to turn this season around.

  22. Cincinnati Reds, 20-24, ⇩5, (3-7) - I am officially willing to say, Luis Castillo is broken. He hasn't looked right all year since getting smacked by STL on opening day, and continues to let the Reds down in his starts. The Reds hitting isn't the problem, but they have allowed the most Points For on the season. Not a good look for Cincy’s Pitchers.

  23. Texas Rangers, 21-27, ⇧3, (3-7) - The bright spot of the Rangers past week has been sweeping the Astros, with a huge thanks to Adolis Garcia. Garcia walked it off for Texas two nights in a row, and is tied for 3rd in HR, tied for 4th in RBI, and remains the lone bright spot for this Rangers team.

  24. Detroit Tigers, 18-28, ⇧4, (6-4) - Detroit is a bad team with a lot of heart. I think they can put together a few winning streaks over the season, just enough to keep them separated from the bottom of the pack. Turnbull looked incredible in his no hitter, and Matthew Boyd is most likely seeing some of his last games as a Tiger.

  25. Los Angeles Angels, 20-27, ⇩3, (4-6) - It is almost criminal how bad the Angels are with the two faces of the MLB on their team. They have provided absolutely no support around Trout and Ohtani, and every Pitcher on their team stinks. Every. Single. One. Other then Ohtani.

  26. Pittsburgh Pirates, 18-28, ⇧1, (3-7) - Adam Frazier is one of the hottest hitters in the league, which is going to get him traded to an organization that actually likes winning. Ke’Bryan Hayes remains on the IL, and not a whole lot will change for the Bucs unless they go selling their producing players.

  27. Colorado Rockies, 18-29, ⇧2, (5-5) - The Rockies play well at home, and actually play well against good teams. When not at Coors this season, they are a measly 2-17 and are 8-22 against teams under .500.

  28. Arizona Diamondbacks, 18-30, ⇩3, (1-9) - The D-Backs have lost 9 straight, and are back where they belong, the bottom 3 of the power rankings and last place in the NL West. The Diamondbacks finally got Ketel Marte back, but he can only help so much.

  29. Baltimore Orioles, 17-29, ⇩6, (1-9) - The Orioles put up 4 runs in the first inning against the Nats, and then lost. The very next day, they put up 5 in the first…. And lost again. They can't finish a game, and that is mostly because John Means can’t start and come out of the bullpen.

  30. Minnesota Twins, 17-29, =, (5-5) - Worst record in the league, pitchers stink, hitters are walking icicles. This Twins team is in my eyes, the most surprising of the season, good or bad. They have way too much talent to be this bad, and that leads me to believe that Rocco Baldelli may not have long left, even after winning AL Manager of the Year in 2019.

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