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When Is MLB Going Back To Normal Rules?

The year 2020 was an absolute mess for everything, including professional sports, this we know. The various professional leagues did all they could to resemble a full, normal season and they did an incredible job. That time has come and gone though, so why are we still playing with what I call “Covid Rules”?

In an already shortened season, a 7-inning doubleheader made perfect sense. Teams were rescheduling games frequently and we were seeing multiple doubleheaders daily. But why in 2021, do we still have 7-inning doubleheaders, & WHY are pitchers not being awarded no-hitters or perfect games in said games?

No-Hitter Controversy

Madison Bumgarner pitched game 2 of the Diamondbacks-Braves doubleheader on Sunday (April 25). He pitched an incredible game, with the following stat line:

This was NOT awarded a No-No. Listen, it doesn't matter to me if you put an asterisk next to it. If you enforce a 7-inning game, hell if you enforce a 2-inning game and a pitcher allows 0 hits, by definition, that is a No-Hitter. You’re calling the game at the end of the 7th; there is no stoppage, there is no reason to not be awarded that. Manfred and his stupid, made up rules said otherwise. They stated that because there was less than 9 IP that it “did not qualify for a no hit bid”, and thus, he was not awarded one.

The other rule that needs to be briefly discussed, one that is hated by MLB players and fans alike, is the automatic baserunner in extra innings. I don't need to say much, I’ve already touched on it in a previous blog, and if you have watched any baseball the past 400 some odd days, then you know what I'm talking about. This bush-league rule is ruining games and is vehemently agreed upon as the worst rule in baseball. Now, if they want to start that rule in the 12th or 13th inning to try speeding games up, that is more understandable. Oh, and one more thing...


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