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Why I Hate the D-Rose Trade

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

In a recent trade that became official yesterday, the Knicks received Derrick Rose from the Pistons for Dennis Smith Jr and a 2021 second round pick. The positive aspects of the trade revolve around the Knicks trading DSJ, who requested to play for the Knicks’ G-League affiliate team, the Westchester Knicks, last week after getting virtually no playing time this year or last year after the Knicks scooped him up in the trade that sent their franchise big man Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks. The Knicks should have just drafted him instead of Frank Ntilikina if we’re being honest here, but that’s old news. On the positive side, the Knicks get value for a guy who has barely played thus far in his NBA career. Additionally, maybe he’ll get a chance to prove himself and show why he was once the No. 9 pick, on a Pistons team who now has no point guard with their most recent lottery pick, Killian Hayes, going down with an injury for the foreseeable future. The second round pick could be valuable in what projects to be a deep draft, but those are always 50/50.

Now, let’s get to why I hate this trade. The Pistons had offers for D-Rose before the trade deadline last season, in which teams were offering multiple first round picks for the veteran guard. That’s just bad GM work from the Detroit front office. Now, all they got is a guy who requested to play in the G-League and a second round pick. Second rounders typically amount to nothing, but like I said, it could potentially end up being valuable in a deep draft coming up. Yes, the Knicks are currently in the playoff race but they’re only in the running for the bottom 3 seeds in the East, & that’s only IF they somehow maintain this level of play. D-Rose would only be a necessary move for a true title contender who needs a little scoring boost off the bench and a proven veteran.

The real reason I can’t stand this trade is stemming from me taking a 50/1 future bet on Immanuel Quickley, a rookie point guard on the Knicks, to win the Rookie of the Year this season. The future was looking incredible because within 9 days of me taking the bet, IQ vaulted to the 5th best odds to win the ROY.

The Knicks added D-Rose, who isn’t the youngest MVP in NBA history anymore and isn’t the same player who averaged 18 points per game in his first stint with the Knicks. That being said, he’s still the best ball handler and point guard on the roster now, so it’s going to take touches away from my guy, IQ. The Knicks weren’t playing DSJ, are still starting Elfrid Payton for some reason that remains to be seen, and now have D-Rose in the mix. Leon Rose... STOP THAT!

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